Sensory Profile Assessment and Analysis

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The Sensory Profile 2 standardised assessments can be administered from birth through to 14 years 11 months. There are various assessment forms for each age range and includes a school companion questionnaire.

The Sensory Profile 2 aims to evaluate sensory processing patterns and identify the effect that this has on an individual’s functional participation in the context of home, school, and community-based activities. There are several reasons for carrying out this assessment including:

  • Determining the need for Occupational Therapy from a sensory perspective.
  • Gaining information to help form an intervention plan and create a baseline assessment.
  • Identifying the need for sensory equipment.
  • To provide additional data for the diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in relation to the criteria:

– Manifestation of “hyper- or hypo-reactivity to sensory input or unusual interest in sensory aspects of environment” (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2013) within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th ed.; DSM–5).

Our sensory assessments consist of assessing how the individual copes with sensory information daily and how they manage various environments. Assessment will include an observation as well as taking a history profile from parents, family members, and/or school personnel.

We also offer the Adolescent / Adult Sensory Profile which is designed to measure sensory processing patterns for individuals aged 15 years through to late adulthood, and how their sensory difficulties affect functional performance.

The sensory assessment can be completed in our Cardiff clinic, at home, or at school. Following the assessment, the Occupational Therapist will explain the findings from assessment and provide a sensory profile report with recommendations.

At Seirrah OT we provide advice and guidance on approaching and managing sensory needs which may include a sensory diet, accommodations, advice of equipment, or sensory activities.

We may administer the Sensory Processing Measure (SPM) measure instead of a Sensory Profile assessment to assess sensory functioning at home, at school, and in the community.


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Joanne Harries

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Joanne has previously supported and help to set up Occupational Therapy services to; a children’s therapy company, secure setting for adults with complex needs, and specialist schools for Autism. Joanne’s experience of various diagnoses and working within teams of professionals also extends to complex behavioural difficulties.

Joanne has extensive experience of assessment and report writing, with a particular interest in assisting individuals, families, and Solicitors with SEN Tribunals. Joanne is available to provide assessment, consultancy and training to families, schools, Solicitors and parent support groups, remotely, in the South Wales clinic, across the UK and Internationally.

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