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Jo (Parent)

Joanne has been working with my son Jake for over 10 years now, she is exceptional! Jake has Autism and Dyspraxia, it took him a long time to learn letter formation and how to write, but with Joanne’s recommendations he can now write beautifully and can keep up with written work in secondary school. He has learnt to touch type too. Jake struggled with gross motor and fine motor skills, but now his skills in these area’s are very good for someone with Dyspraxia. I highly recommend Seirrah for OT, my son wouldn’t have the skills he has today without Joanne’s support over the years. 

Sinclairslaw - Dominic Pellew
The parent was very happy with Joanne Harries evidence at the FTT and the Tribunal found her evidence very compelling and sided with her.
Joanne (Parent)

My son Jake who has autism and dyspraxia has made incredible progress with Joanne Harries, this includes fine and gross motor skills and handwriting. 

Jake couldn’t cut with scissors at all prior to working with Joanne, now he uses Normal scissors really well and cuts shapes and drawings out and does a simple craft activity. 

Jake couldn’t form letters or numbers but can now write numbers up to 100 and all his letters, he is now learning to write in sentences with correct grammar and punctuation.

Joanne works wonderfully with Jakes other therapists and consultants on our team and is very knowledgeable about ABA which really helps us a lot, Joanne also observes Jake in school and at home and gives us targets to work on and teaches us the strategies to use.

Joanne is a delight to work with and my son loves to see her, she is very passionate about our children and works hard to ensure Jake continues to make good progress.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joanne as an occupational therapist.

Heidi (Parent)
Eifion is 5 years old and on the autistic spectrum and we decided to home school under a specialist programme in March 2016.  Eifion had been referred previously to OT whilst at school who had recommended physical aids to support Eifion’s poor fine motor skills and weak core stability.  We felt this approach (whilst understandable) was a sticking plaster and would not resolve his underlying issues. We decided to include OT as an integral part of Eifion’s programme.   Jo was recommended by our programme consultant and we met with her in March 2016 for an initial consultation.

Eifion’s progress has been amazing.  His therapists implement Jo’s programme daily; a combination of core exercises, hand strengthening, fine motor games and mark making.  Eifion had made little progress at school with his drawing and mark making although this is something he enjoyed.  His pictures were scribbles or very simple faces.  Within 3 weeks of implementing Jo’s recommendations he was able to draw a detailed person and was generalising his skills spontaneously to other images.  Eifion is now labelling his drawings.

Jo has a very calm, clear approach and used Eifion’s motivation for toys and activities to gain his cooperation during her assessment.  She has joined our workshops to train our therapists and monitor Eifion’s progress and move him forward.  She is always happy to share her knowledge and demonstrate and explain why she is suggesting activities.

Jo is extremely professional, providing high quality reports and programme material.  She is a real asset to our programme and I recommend her to anyone who is remotely interested!

Pleased Parent
Joanne Harries has provided OT assessment services and reports for my child. This has included observations in school and at home, as well as formal OT assessments as needed. Her reports described my child’s needs with insight and precision, while also making clear recommendations for the OT provision required. Her experience of working within multidisciplinary teams to provide OT services was an advantage, in that she understands how professionals can work together successfully in the child’s best interests. Joanne is friendly and supportive, yet professional at all times in her approach. I have been very pleased with the services she has provided to us.
Catherine (Parent)

Joanne provided a clear plan of action for my daughter’s OT assessment and was very quick to organise appointment dates with us and other parties involved; and whilst forming a plan of action. 

Most importantly, my daughter was responsive to Joanne’s approach which helped us gain information we needed to help improve and understand her needs. 

We received a very detailed and thorough report, and Joanne took the time to verbally explain the contents and our questions were clearly answered.

From an accounting point of view, we were able to pay the fee in a step by step manner as each process of the assessment was taken. The fee was reasonable and fair.  

We would certainly recommend Joanne to anyone looking for a professional with a caring approach to their OT needs.

HCB - Solicitor

I have worked with Joanne on a number of cases in the past and found her to be very reliable, responsive and efficient. She is an excellent OT who has a real desire and motivation to assist children with a complex profile of needs and difficulties. Above all, she is very professional and her experience and expertise shines through in the comprehensive reports she produces. I cannot recommend Joanne enough.

Lauren (Specialist Teacher)

Jo is an outstanding practitioner who holds the needs and success of others at the forefront of everything she does. As a teacher of children with high functioning autism, I have had the absolute pleasure of being guided by Jo in not only fine and gross motor programmes, but strategies to tackle behavioural needs also. I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from Jo whilst cooperating with other health and social care professionals and have witnessed first-hand the impact of direct family intervention whilst on a programme designed specifically from herself. Jo is reliable and has always produced high quality programmes of study, assessment records and reports to meet the needs of both individual and whole class need. She is creative and able to make the most of what is available. It has been an amazing experience working with and learning alongside Jo and I wish her every success in her future business.

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