We provide a range of therapy interventions for all the individuals we work with and is the most crucial stage of the Occupational Therapy journey. The location of therapy and approach used will be dependent upon the needs of the individual and their identified goals.

Below are some of the ways we offer therapy:

  • Direct one to one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Aqua therapy
  • Nursery and pre-school sessions

Direct Therapy

During direct one to one therapy, the Occupational Therapist will develop an excellent work/trust relationship with the individual in order to progress during each session.

Some of the one to one sessions may cover the following:

  • Using equipment and how best it can support
  • Play
  • Incorporating sensory strategies or a sensory diet
  • Fine motor skill activities and hand strengthening exercises
  • Core muscle strength building exercises
  • Handwriting
  • Self-help skills
  • Emotional and social behaviours

Direct therapy allows the opportunity for parents or teaching personnel to ask questions and address any concerns, provide individualised therapy, and establish trusting relationships.

If you would like your child to receive direct therapy sessions, please contact us for an assessment either by email on or call us on 02920 023314

Group Therapy

Seirrah OT provides multiple group options as part of our service both in our clinic and in the educational setting.

Some of the types of groups we facilitate include:

  • Bike riding
  • Handwriting
  • Movement and coordination
  • Organisation and planning
  • Fine motor foundations
  • Visual motor integration
  • Typing skills
  • Relaxation
  • Life skills

If you would like to register your interest in one of our groups, please email us on or call us on 02920 023314

Aqua Therapy

Aqua therapy is a unique type of therapy that Seirrah OT offer which combines the use of water and skill building to help improve a child’s functional performance needed for daily life. Aqua therapy allows the individual to gain a multi-sensory experience whilst building foundation skills.

The main aims of ‘Seirrah Aqua Therapy’ may include:

  • Increasing play and engagement
  • Engaging in sensory experiences
  • Developing self-esteem and confidence
  • Relaxation
  • Improve performance and attention following a session
  • Provides resistance and deep pressure input
  • Providing proprioceptive input and improves body awareness
  • Developing gross and fine motor skills
  • Developing movement, coordination, and control of the body
  • To alleviate pain and tension in muscles

A child does not need to be able to swim to participate in aqua therapy sessions, although, pre-exposure to the environment would help ease any anxieties. We are able to direct you to certified swimming instructors that can assist with learning to swim, all of which have experience of additional needs.

If you would like to register your interest for aqua therapy sessions in your area, please get in touch either by email: or call us: 02920 023314

Early Intervention

Seirrah OT specialises in early intervention and the promotion of function and engagement of infants and toddlers in everyday routines. We address areas of occupation; including, activities of daily living, sleep, play, education, and social participation. This type of intervention is usually provided to children under the age of 5 years.

The main principles we adopt within our early intervention service include:

  • Therapy in the natural environments
  • Learning through everyday experiences and interactions
  • Learning around familiar people and contexts
  • Occupations of the child are meaningful and purposeful
  • Family centred intervention
  • We respect each family’s resources and capacity to support the child
  • We provide education and training
  • We empower families to be advocates

Our goal is to enhance the development of the child, minimise the potential for a delay in their development, and help families to meet the needs of their infants and toddlers.

If you would like to know more about how our early intervention services can support you and your child, please get in touch by email: or call: 02920 023314

Nursery and pre-school sessions

Seirrah OT provides services to nurseries and pre-schools in the form of:

  • Assessments
  • One to one sessions
  • Group sessions
  • Advise on activities to support early development
  • Support for parents and professionals

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about how Occupational Therapy can support nurseries and pre-schools, either by email: or call: 02920 023314

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